Cursor doesn't hide and position in youtube video is not remembered

  • When watching youtube, or on twitch, the cursor doesn't automatically hide in full screen (minor bug). and also in youtube, if i have to refresh the page while watching a video, vivaldi doesn't remember the position of the video i was watching, and restarts from the beginning. Not huge issues, just a few bugs that hopefully the developers can address. Vivaldi is a really cool browser, just needs to be polished up in a few areas.

  • Moderator

    First of all, check your "Fullscreen Mode" settings in vivaldi://settings/webpages/. Especially, the "Hide the mouse cursor for page-initiated fullscreen" checkbox.

    Nevertheless, I'm constantly suffering from the first issue and I've noticed that the cursor won't hide if I move it to the far-right side of the screen - which I have the habit of doing unconsciously, since the bug with a cursor not hiding at all appeared in earlier versions of Vivaldi. But if I move the cursor a little bit to the left, it'll hide.

    I'm using the "Magic actions for YouTube" extension, so to fully investigate the issue, I'd have to use YT for a while without the extension, so that I could make a detailed bug report on that (if there is a bug) but I'm just too lazy to do that right now. So far, it didn't bother me that much...

    As for the second issue - the video always started from the beginning for me, even without any extensions. I've just tried it in Opera and the video starts from the beginning there too...


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