Vivaldi Crashed and now Refuses to come back on

  • Vivaldi randomly crashed on my 2015 ish Macbook air.

    It now just keeps crashing when I try to log onto it,I can't even open it. Tried Restarting,still didn't work so.

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    @PSW: What happens if you refresh your profile?

  • By logging onto it , I mean opening the application. Just won't do it.

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    @PSW: Do you know where your profile folder is on Mac?

  • Do you delete it or?

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    @PSW: Rename the Default folder, which should be in the User Data folder. If that enables you to start Vivaldi, then you can follow the rest of the advice I posted at the link above.

  • It now just let me on, I haven't done anything with it?

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    @PSW: Still, try refreshing your profile as posted in my link above. Also - do you use any 3rd party security software? Several of these have begun blocking Vivaldi from opening recently.

  • No, I do not. I use disconnect on Vivaldi though?

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    @PSW: I'm not a Mac user. I don't know what that means.

  • Its a Chrome App, called Disconnect.

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    @PSW: By that you mean Chrome "extension," yes? ANY extension you add to Vivaldi is a potential source of problems. While the developers try to minimize negative effects from extensions, there are no guarantees. I've not seen anyone else using it or complaining about its effects on Mac, so I'd only be guessing. You can disable it or remove it and see if that makes a difference, and then you'd know more than I would about its effects.

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