Little things

  • 1/can we have back the edit-pen for the bookmarks, or in the right clic menu ->Properties
    2/I think that most people use adblock or something like that. When you go on the page, no ads, but if you create a thumbnail of the page in the speeddial, you have the publicity...
    3/ on a page, if you had a document (like .pdf), right click : you can 'save' or 'open'. If you 'save', a window come wich ask where and so one. I fyou click 'open', you have the same window which ask you where to save and so on. I think, in this last case, that Vivaldi must save the document without question (in the cache or elsewhere...) and open it directly with the associated programm.
    Thanks to those who read till the end 😉

    1. yes, it changed some build ago as you now see the edit field when you hover on bookmark;
    2. the thumb is generated from chromium core, so I think it wont never respect the adblocks guidelines;
    3. Yup, the file associations are not full working, it'll do that probably when implemented.

  • @Hadden89
    thanks for the answers and remarks

    1. The pen is no longer needed since the bookmark edit pane is always available. Just drag the separator up if you cannot see it to edit the bookmark, or drag it down to save space.
      0_1491670930501_Edit Bookmark.png
    2. If you click "Open" the PDF will open in your default PDF viewer; at least that is what happens here.

  • @Pesala said in Little things:

    If you click "Open" the PDF will open in your default PDF viewer; at least that is what happens here.

    Yes, usually fixing file associations in windows (assuming is the OS used) will trigger the correct function (open), but sometimes it won't work (due lack of mime types?) - don't happen often here, but it could.

  • @Pesala
    1/we spoke already about the pen ; it's easier to click the pen as to drag the separator...
    3/ if I left click on the document, Vivaldi ask me where to save it ; if I right click, I have 'open the link'
    and Vivaldi ask me where to download the file... Windows 7 32 bits Vivaldi 1.9.804.3

  • @Bosdan You're welcome to post in the Feature Requests thread about the edit pen icon and see how many upvotes you get. I don't think there's a strong case for it:

    1. For those who usually search bookmarks, keeping the edit pane always open is not an issue.
    2. For those who select their bookmarks for editing, they are just as likely to be near the bottom as the top. Clicking the pen or double-clicking the separator is barely any different.
    3. The right-click menu is already far too long.
    4. Reversal of changes is sometimes made, but not unless something is very unpopular.

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    1. The pen is no longer needed, as the process of editing bookmarks has been simplified by removing the step in which you had to click on it. Everything else works just as it worked before.
    2. If the developer of the extensions defines the content_scripts field by specifying the run_at command to document_start or document_end, then the extension should run before the thumbnail is generated. If the run_at command is not specified, then it'll just default to document_idle, meaning that any changes on the page made by the extension will not be visible on the generated thumbnail.


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