Tab for a cause and other new tab extensions not working.

  • I have installed tab for a cause extension but I still get the speed dial on every new tab. Just out of curiosity I installed momentum extension and that didn't work either. I guess new tab extensions don't work with Vivaldi right now.
    Is there any way to get them to work and if not is there any plan to support them in the future?

  • @manojchs

    I'm afraid you can't follow the method in aforementioned thread, nevertheless, just read it for background info.

    Tab for a Cause, is rather unique.

    This the only thing exist in its background.js

    // Background pages: 
    // Event pages:
    var url = '';
    // Listen for new tabs.
    chrome.tabs.onCreated.addListener(function(tab) {
      // Check if this is a blank new tab (not opened by clicking a link).
      var isBlankTab = tab.url == 'chrome://newtab/';
      if (isBlankTab) {
        // Redirect to Tab for a Cause new tab page.
        chrome.tabs.update(, {url: url});

    I'm not an JavaScript adept, but that script basically only
    "Open in new blank tab". So, your New Tab was in the Cloud.

    Nevertheless, I play with it. And manage to make it as my new tab in Vivaldi.
    After installing (I'm sure you did that).
    Put in to Vivaldi settings > Tabs > New Tab Page input box.
    You're actually done. Your New Tab will visit that site, asking to login first.

    Screenshot of "Tab for a Cause" in my Vivaldi (after login, yeah I need to register with my Google account to do that);
    Did you notice the "Left Right Block" icon in address bar?
    If you want all contents to run, 2 things you could do:

    • Click that icon almost everytime you open New Tab and allow everything. Or,
    • Change "https://" to "http://" instead.

    Because this extension state, you even won't have problem like the rest "New Tab" extensions user to set it as your homepage and or startup page.

    2 Last Things:

    • Consider to not block Scripts on it.
    • You will need network access for 24 hours.

  • @TbGbe @dLeon Thanks for your help. @dLeon followed your suggestion and it worked without a problem. @TbGbe The link was helpful in getting started with the problem, but this works even without the extension so I uninstalled it seeing as it was not doing anything anymore and directly used the URL instead.
    Edit: Using this method, I have to sign in again when I open an incognito window (as expected), but that's not a huge issue for me.


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