Websites (specifically need to be logged into each session

  • Re: Sites Keep Asking to Log In

    I have noticed that websites (most notably as that's the most often used site with Vivaldi) will not remember login information. I just upgraded and it seems that this is still going on.

    Is there something to fix this? Or something to test what might be going on?

  • This is still not working. Every time I open Vivaldi, I need to log in to Plurk. It doesn't matter if I closed 30 seconds ago, or 30 days ago. Always have to log back in.

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    @JigmeDatse: You don't have "session only" cookies set or something do you? All of my "stay logged in" websites stay logged in over sessions, power cycles, days. For those that don't stay logged in, it's because they set time-limited cookies.

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