How to remove and reinstall extensions

  • I'm trying to identify which extension is causing F2 freeze.

    I copied to a backup folder
    C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Extensions

    I deleted everything in the above folder.

    I ran Vivaldi and went to the Extensions page.
    To my surprise, the extensions were still there.

    Can someone give me a clue as to how I can copy installed extensions, then remove all extensions, then copy them back one by one to see which causes the F2 freeze?

  • (Re)moving extension folder is not the right way to proceed.
    It can lead also more (extension) problems, as the one you noticed.

    The best thing to try now is to remove all the extensions also from vivaldi page vivaldi://extensions, then test how it works for a while without any extension, reinstall them from the store and finally you can try to restore extension folder data for the most important ones: to be honest, I always been skeptical about this as it could or couldn't work as expected. Usually, a new extension install solve most issue. Better not mix them with "older" data.

    If still doesn't work, you could try latest snapshot (or stable) as standalone install in a different folder, so you won't lose the "old" version.

    Let us know what extension are, just in case if some were known to be no-working on vivaldi.

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    If you want to simply check which extension is causing some trouble, then why don't you just disable them and then re-enable one by one? In most cases, this will be sufficient method in determining which one of them is "misbehaving".

    The preferences and data of extensions are stored across multiple files and folders in your User Data catalog, including the following: Extension Rules, Extension State, Extensions, Local Extension Settings, Local Storage, Managed Extension Storage, Extension Cookies, Secure Preferences.

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    Be aware there are SOME extensions that "disabling" them does not get their fingers out of the mix. They must rather be uninstalled to completely nullify their influence on the browser.

  • @pafflick OK, disabled, F2 - type 1 letter = freeze.

    I'm thinking it is one of my settings. Now to find how to get back to stock settings.

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  • same problem here. The latest Snapshot on 64-bit Windows 10.
    I can't delete or uninstall extensions in Vivaldi://extensions... Vivaldi will freeze when clicking on the delete button.

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