Disable notifications for all sites?

  • How do you disable notifications for all sites? In chrome you can do this through privacy settings, but in Vivaldi I do not see the option. I ask because there is an exploit going around where a site will ask to display notifications, if you answer no it will close down your browser completely, which is very annoying. If you do not answer anything and leave the pop-up there, then you cannot interact with the page at all.

  • Click on the icon on the left of the address bar and youll see the site settings, go there and scroll down to notifications
    alternatively go there with this url

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    @iAN-CooG LEFT side of the address bar - yes?

  • @Ayespy Yea he means left. And this would work, but I'd still prefer the option to just disable it completely, instead of having to figure out which sites are doing it after the fact. Why this setting was not included from base chromium is beyond me.

  • ugh I thought I fixed my post before anyone replied, anyway yes, left side.
    Isn't the setting "do not allow any site" enough? Maybe also check "manage exceptions" if there are some already allowed?

  • @7MileStyle
    Did you visit "Site Settings" like @iAN-CooG mentioned?


  • @dLeon Sorry I thought he just meant the drop down that appears when you click the icon next to the address. Didn't notice the tiny link at the bottom. My bad.

  • @7MileStyle
    Don't worry.

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    @7MileStyle said in Disable notifications for all sites?:

    Why this setting was not included from base chromium is beyond me.

    Because it's not finished yet. It's a work in progress. There is a lot of things that has to be "transferred" from Chromium yet...

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    @pafflick: Read "transferred" as "completely re-written from scratch to work in Vivaldi."

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    @Ayespy I know, hence the use of quotation marks. 😉

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    @pafflick: I know YOU know... 🙂

  • @ian-coog this does not appear to be working.

    First anyone getting here ... clicking the icon at the left edge of the address bar, and selecting "Site Settings" takes us to vivaldi://settings/content .. not "chrome"anything .. attempting to use the "chrome" reference fails for me.
    V ver: 1.14.1077.25 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Second .. I have both Location and Notifications set as "blocked" yet I'm getting promted from Toms' Hardware.


    image link: Toms Hardware asking to allow notifications


    image link: Vivaldi settings page - block set for both Location and Notifications

  • This is the reason old threads should be auto locked after a couple of months, and the forum itself hints you may want to open a new thread instead of replying in the same old thread: you are replying to a 10 months old topic, many changes have happened in chromium and vivaldi, including the internal pages URLs.
    Internal pages are always chrome://something, but vivaldi replaces it with vivaldi:// on the fly, leading sometimes to some confusion because 2 different internal pages with the same path but with either vivaldi: or chrome: protocol exist.

  • @ian-coog , sure .. 10 month old topic that comes up internally on searches with most recent to the top.

    Why create new threads, when there are short (under 2 pages) of posts available?

    As to the changes from chorme to vivaldi, for the url .. EVEN THERE it fails, as the posted optional link can't be just "edited" as it goes to a completely different internal page, rather than the one that's discussed on the dropdown from the icon left of the URL bar.

    In reality the older information should be archived, relevant issues, that continue to crop up, or that are known continuing problems should be stickied and should be used by the Vivaldi team to post updates into until the problems discussed are truly fixed.

    Anything short of that, and it just smacks of "I know a problem" arrogance .. eg.. you knew the causes, or what not .. and now blame me for reviving something that still has a CORE failure within the browser.

    Unless you have a thread to point to, where the problems are discussed .. complaining that I revived something does nothing to resolve the issue.

    And couple of months? how many? 2, 3? 10 maybe?

    Its just like the issue with the File~Help menu across the top of the program window... its window dressing now for some of us, because the only way to activate it is via mouse.. rather than keyboard.. somewhere fixing core common functions isn't as important as bringing out new features.

    we the users come here to rely on the seniors to point us into the right direction ... not complain that we're noobs.

  • Why create new threads

    Because there are rules of behaviour to follow on every forum

    not complain that we're noobs.

    Have I told you somewhere you are a noob or insulted in any other way? I have only replied because you addressed me directly, telling me that an old url scheme doesn't work now after 10 months, and to tell you why that happens.

    I'll refrain to reply further if you get so upset for a simple reply.


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