Reorientation of Mouse Cursor

  • Hello. I find the following problem so aggravating that I have joined the Vivaldi community just to post this message. I searched the forums but found no mention of this mouse cursor behavior.

    I recently upgraded to Vivaldi 1.8.770.50. I run 64-bit Slackware Linux (v.14.2), and it creates a Slackware package from the Debian package available from the Vivaldi site. As usual, when the mouse cursor hovers over a web link, it changes from a black pointed arrow to a hand with a pointing finger. However, unlike previous versions of Vivaldi or other browsers I have used, the orientation of the hand is different from that of the pointed arrow. My arrow points to the northwest, but the hand points to the northeast. I find the sudden switch just as I'm trying to zero-in on a link aggravating and disorienting

    Does anyone know how to return the cursor behavior to the standard of the hand pointing in the same direction as the arrow, or is this what some UI "genius" decided is the correct behavior? Thanks.

    Chick Tower

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    Would you be able to prepare some screenshots to describe what you're seeing?

  • Apparently not, LonM. I tried taking a few screen shots using scrot and import, but neither seems to capture the mouse cursor.

    For the arrow cursor, imagine a black arrowhead and a short part of its shaft pointing at about eleven o'clock on a clock face. For the cursor when hovering over a link, hold up your left fist, turn the back of your hand away from your face, extend just your index finger, and point your index finger somewhere between one o'clock and two o'clock.


  • Oh, xfce4-screenshooter has an option to include the mouse cursor, so there they are. First the arrow, then the hand. They're both near the middle of the images.



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    That looks quite bizarre. i've seen that occur in windows before, but never specifically with vivaldi. Does this happen with any other web browsers?

  • I remember ever encounter that cursor behavior long time ago in my Linux/Debian.
    I can't remember what the exact culprit though. So, I just put these here as consideration.

    Some currently in mind;

    • Display Manager. Such GDM or KDM (SDDM not yet there that time).
    • X xorg libraries. I'm sure I could exclude proprietary drivers.
    • Application like lxappearance put cursor index.theme in $HOME/.icon & register it with .gtkrc-2.0 ( + GTK3 settings.ini). For this I remember correctly it occasionally conflict with DE/WM cursor environment.

  • @ctower For me (Linux Mint 18.1 KDE) Vivaldi does NOT alter the system Mouse Cursor theme I have selected. I use Breeze (on KDE) and the "Hand pointer" has the finger vertical ( so arrow NE and Finger N ).

  • @TbGbe -- And just for another minor variant, my pointer arrow is NNW, whilst the link hand is N. I am entirely happy with this, it does not freak me out.
    Tower & Lappy = Maui Linux 17.03 x64 Plasma 5.9.3.
    Style = Breeze Widget
    Desktop Theme = Oxygen
    Cursor Theme = DMZ White
    GTK Cursor Theme = DMZ Black


  • Not sure if this is relevant to slackware but in years past using debian, alternatives needed to match
    the user selected cursor.
    update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme

  • The hand pointer in the screenshot is one of the basic X11 pointers, from the early 80's. Those pointers are sometimes used if the mouse cursors style that the user has chosen doesn't contain the corresponding image. The arrow in the other screenshot is from some other set. So there is some misconfiguration somewhere. 😕

  • @kumiponi
    The arrow one is the default (x-cursor), suppose to be built-in in X xorg.
    I just learn something new about that hand cursor.
    x-cursor default pointer

    x-cursor default link pointer

  • @Steffie said in Reorientation of Mouse Cursor:

    @TbGbe -- And just for another minor variant, my pointer arrow is NNW, whilst the link hand is N. I am entirely happy with this, it does not freak me out.

    Ooops - I meant W and not E (actually NNW for precision).

  • Sorry, I remembered incorrectly. The arrow too, is in the original cursor set. So, for some reason, OP's Vivaldi can't find his normal cursors, I presume. The Xcursor library is perhaps in the wrong place or missing? Note that Slackware is a "learn as you go" distro, not beginner friendly or polished.

  • Be that as it may (or may not), Kumiponi, this has never happened to me in the fifteen or so years I've been using Slackware until this latest version of Vivaldi. All other programs, browsers, and previous versions of Vivaldi have behaved well in this regard.


  • Notice that the page I linked to lists two different hand cursors (hand1 and hand2). Did the previous Vivaldi version use "hand2"? Do you have something like @dLeon posted in other programs or just the same arrow?

    This output is from my system:

    /opt/vivaldi$ ldd vivaldi-bin | grep Xcursor
   => /lib64/ (0x00007f59edf5b000)

    As an unrelated side note: The Unix (and Mac) mouse arrows are traditionally black, probably stemming from the days of low resolution monochrome displays. I've always found it distracting so that I have to switch to a more "Microsofty" white cursor. 😉

  • I hadn't checked out your link to icon graphics. My older versions of Vivaldi used hand2. Now it uses hand1.

    I have the same libXcursor library, although it's in /usr/lib64, and the number after it is different. I don't see in the ldd man page what that number means.

    Thanks for taking time to help, kumiponi.


  • The obvious solution would be to install some cursor theme from your distro's repository and then use it. The Arch Linux wiki has links to third party cursor theme collections.

    Interestingly, someone else has noticed the recent switching of the hand cursors:

    I know it's been a while, but has anyone found the source images for the default cursors? I've been using the default for ages, and now they've updated them to use a flipped 'fleur' (the hand that points to links when you hover over them). It bothers me so much that I've been looking into making a custom theme just to flip it back again.

    There are calls in that thread for someone to create a cursor theme based on the old X11 bitmap cursor set (that's actually stored in an old-fashioned font file).

    I believe that in most themes the hand1 and hand2 cursors are identical. The original set contains lots of weird images. I wonder if they were originally meant as whimsical placeholders and then got "standardized" because they were included by default and couldn't be changed any more since programmers had started relying on them. X11 supports several additional modern cursors that don't have a proper name.

  • Thanks, kumiponi. The Arch Wiki page for which you provided a link had the answer -- create a ~/.Xresources file that specifies the Xcursor theme to use. I'm trying out Oxygen_Black right now (must be a KDE theme), but it's a little too big for my tastes. The Adwaita theme works. In both, the pointing hand points straight up (north, twelve o'clock), which is better than the sudden flipping of orientation that drove me to start this thread. Maybe I'll look around for some other cursor themes to try out. Thanks again.


  • more mouse cursors

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