Shuffling of extensions – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.9.804.3

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    @ruario said:

    We start off the first Vivaldi 1.9 snapshot with a long requested feature, the ability to shuffle the order of your extensions.


    • Regression] Pinned tab from normal window open in a private window in some circumstances (VB-26704)
    • [Regression] Text cursor/caret disappears after exit full screen (VB-26043)
    • [Regression][Address bar] Clicking search entry in dropdown doesn’t work (VB-26935)
    • [Regression][Bookmarks] From a panel folder opened always in manual order (VB-13469)
    • [Regression][History] When deleting typed history item, it’s not immediately removed from the list (VB-27148)
    • [Regression][Notes] Trash folder is visible in empty Notes tree (VB-26985)
    • [Regression][Spatial Navigation] can not go down at (VB-25338)
    • [Address bar][Linux] Focus not in Adress Field on startup, when on the start page (VB-26580)
    • [Address bar] Sometimes the search get’s triggered even if “Search in Address Field” is disabled (VB-26604)
    • [Address bar] Hovering over URLs in the drop-down skips entries (VB-26876)
    • [Address bar] Selecting bookmark folder shortcut with mouse in adress field does not open in seperated tabs (VB-26278)
    • [Bookmarks] Improve editor usability: Better handling for Escape and cancelling of actions (VB-26648)
    • [Extensions][New feature] Allow changing placement of extension buttons on address bar (VB-13275)
    • [Extensions] Page action extension badges do not show up in address bar (VB-26340)
    • [Extensions] Extension button options still not rendering properly – uMatrix (VB-25899)
    • [Extensions] Show extension buttons when hiding toggle control
    • [Gestures] Require minimum length for gesture stroke (VB-26469)
    • [Gestures] Mouse Gestures open links from closed tabs (VB-23017)
    • [History] Add “Filter by Site” to panel (VB-26799)
    • [History] Manager content is not restored (VB-26919)
    • [History] Add support for removing ‘Discarded User Data’ from Clear Private Data dialog (VB-26264)
    • [History] Manager performance improvements (VB-27156)
    • [IME] First character typed in input box gets committed without converted to Japanese (VB-24467)
    • [Keyboard shortcuts] clash with diacritic composition (VB-26734)
    • [Keyboard shortcuts] settings entry can become hidden (VB-25192)
    • [Quick Commands] One char nicknamed bookmarks not opened directly when match (VB-26776)
    • [Quick Commands] Searching inserts a space at the beginning of the query (VB-26203)
    • [Screenshots] Configurable capture storage folder (VB-26829)
    • [Screenshots] Need better behavior when cursor is out of the Vivaldi window (integration with environment) (VB-26256)
    • [Spatial Navigation] Jumps over certain elements (VB-26720)
    • [Themes] Start page + sign color does not change with theme (VB-26845)
    • [Web Panels] Add “Removed Web Panels” to the context menu (VB-26157)
    • Allow editing a search engine to change it to use “POST” (VB-3414)
    • Can not select folder from nickname with arrow keys in address bar dropdown (VB-26433)
    • Favicons not shown when a page uses ‘link rel=”shortcut icon”‘ (VB-24025)
    • Find in Page Needs a Limit for Selected Text (VB-26694)
    • Improve keyboard handling in panels: particularly how Escape is handled (VB-26839)
    • Various small performance improvements: thanks WillyYu (VB-26302)
    • Moving tab in Reading View to a New window causes Reading View icon to disappear (VB-23579)
    • Not reverting URL on navigation (VB-26898)
    • Open history page or bookmark page from middle click on corresponding panel buttons (VB-26266)
    • Opening and closing panels triggers errors and is jerky (VB-26575)
    • Right-positioned tab overlaps Page Actions menu (VB-26272)
    • Search query is not selected in find in page dialog (VB-26745)
    • Space at end of page shouldn’t work when fast forward buttons are disabled: there will be a follow up to this to allow it via a setting (VB-26895)
    • Switching to different tab and back puts selected text in “Find in Page” field. (VB-26027)


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