Shuffling of extensions – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.9.804.3

  • Vivaldi Team

    We start off the first Vivaldi 1.9 snapshot with a long requested feature, the ability to shuffle the order of your extensions.

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  • Impressive

  • SOS! Is there a problem with some of the mouse gestures? Open link in a new tab & open link in a new background tab stopped working - the others (as far as I can see) are still working, including the ones I have added!

  • Vivaldi Team

    @nutcracker: read the known issues

  • Just updated from the 1.8 RC2 x64 Version and all extension buttons in the adress bar were gone.
    You can bring them back by flipping the extension switcher in Settings - Adress Bar.

  • Thanks for another update and new features! :)

    Sometimes clicking this icon does not open the typed words in the search box. This happens when you have a little time with Vivaldi open, the problem for when you open a new window. Bug reported - VB-26922
    alt text

  • "Shuffling of extensions" I like it

  • Allow editing a search engine to change it to use “POST” (VB-3414)

    lol, why not when adding? :D

    BTW: GET and POST fields should be separated.

    Now if a page requires me to send a POST to + POST: query=my+query then I am unable to do that :(

  • This WillyYu guy is THE best!!!

  • Can not select folder from nickname with arrow keys in address bar dropdown (VB-26433)

    Thank you so much for correcting this! I used a lot! Then he stopped working and now he is working again and perfectly! Many thanks for correcting! :) :clap:

    But now it is not working through the fast command (f2). Informing :relaxed:

  • Vivaldi Translator

    after this update my default zoom has changed from 100% to 90%. It's just me or a bug?

    PS: I had to revert it in settings but still… I was a bit off before I realised that I can fix it like that…

  • Nice! Are you going to follow it up with moving around/editing/removing all buttons/UI elements in 1.9?

  • Thank you for this snapshot! Great to see this has been addressed again, I was going to file a bug were it not in this release:

    [Extensions] Extension button options still not rendering properly – uMatrix (VB-25899)


  • @juniorsilva30: yep, it's still not fixed. workaround is to use shift-down OR keep settings tab open, that will make it work again with mouse click.

  • new tab extension e.g shutterstock still not working.. only the built-in newtab shown.. Any idea?

  • Boo… You have no extensions :-(

    Keep up the good work so that most of us don't need any extensions, and fix that silly message if possible.

    APNG is about the only extension I might add, but not many sites have adopted animated PNG images.

  • Movable extension buttons is nice, but does that mean that somewhere in the near future, buttons of any kind would be movable?

  • [Gestures] Mouse Gestures open links from closed tabs (VB-23017)

    I've been hoping to see this fix for a long time. To me, this was the biggest usability issue with Vivaldi.

    Based on the known issues, I assume the fix, for now, was to disable mouse gestures on links.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @pesala: It's a chromium string. You just don't see it in Chrome because they bundle a couple of extensions. I'm not sure why you mind. It is not exactly offensive.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @jacekn: Not "on adding", only because editing was the first part implemented. The dialogs are totally different in code.

    I take your point about separating them. However, I do wonder if you know of any search anywhere that does this.

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