Vivaldi & run local PHP w/o web server?

  • I switched from Windows 7 Pro to Fedora 25 Design Suite w/ GNOME 3. Vivaldi & Firefox on W7; I was able to run local PHP w/o a web server, tho PHP Includes did not work. My coding is simple HTLM5 w/ .PHP shell. Fedora does not allow me to run these files?

    Using the same plug-ins as I did on windows. Any workarounds?

  • Moderator

    Install a local webserver on your Linux and all is fine.

    Using strange software like PHP shell may fail depending on PHP and security settings of your OS. And if you mean PHP Shell extension from Chrome store, that is not updated since 4 years and may fail in newer Vivaldi.

  • It's HTML5 w/ PHP includes and .php file extension. The reason for that is I can upgrade the code w/o harming SEO 😉


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