Focus address bar in new tab

  • Please put the focus on (cursor into) the address bar when a new tab is opened, just as you do on a new page, so the user can type immediately, without clicking into the address bar first.

  • @passerby12 I don't understand what you're asking for. A new tab is a new page. Opening a link in a new tab should focus on the page for scrolling and viewing the page. Why open a link in a new tab if you want to immediately type in the address field and go to another page? Just open a new tab (speed dial page).

  • It's already the current behaviour with the current build : 1.9.818.44 (Stable channel) (64-bit).

    The only time I saw the behaviour you are describing is with FVD Speed Dial addon in Firefox.

  • This is not already the current behavior. I've been trying out Vivaldi for the first time today. One thing that is missing for me is the cursor focus in the address bar on opening a new tab. I want the focus there to elicit my browser history as I begin typing.

  • Settings/tabs/Tabs handling: Focus page content on newtab (uncheck it)

  • I have also the same problem here.

    If I set a startpage instead of the speed dial, the focus is not on the adressbar anymore on new tabs with this startpage. No matter what startpage I use. I also tried a local blank HTML with text in it (no formular / input boxes etc). Sometimes the focus is in the adressbar, but often its not.

    When I open a new tab with the [ + ] Symbol on the Tab bar, the focus is on the adressbar for a second and then the focus is gone.



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