Merged Tabs Are Unresponsive

  • I use this extension to merge my windows into one:

    Once I do that, the tabs that get regenerated in my active window are unresponsive and must be completely closed and revisited for them to start working again.

    If there is a different way to merge windows I would appreciate that knowledge - otherwise - can the compatibility with this extension be fixed?

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    @alon85: To "merge" windows, why not simply multi-select the tabs you want moved, and drag them into the window where you want them?

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    @alon85 @Ayespy I think that this problem is related to a bug that I reported ages ago which still has not been fixed. If I select multiple tabs and then move them to a window that had been opened earlier (i.e. move a group of tabs from window #3 to window #1), this will result in one (or more) of them becoming blank, unresponsive tabs. It doesn't matter if they are moved as a tab stack or as a group of selected tabs. If I interact with any of these blank tabs (e.g. Print... or File/Save As...) then Vivaldi will crash.

    Although dragging and dropping a group of tabs is less problematic than moving tabs via menus, it can still result in blank tabs on OS X.

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    @xyzzy: Interesting. Today, I was able to drag tabs in a group out and back into Stable, and interact with them afterward.

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    @Ayespy This issue may me more problematic on macOS. Does the following work for you?

    • Launch Vivaldi
    • Open a new window
    • In the new window, open 3 tabs with (each with an active web page)
    • Select the 3 tabs
    • Right-click on them, use the menu to move them to the first window
      -> On macOS, two of those tabs will become blank.

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    @xyzzy: Yeah. On Win10, that all worked as expected. No blank tabs.

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    @Ayespy Interesting. Just reconfirmed the bug on a totally clean, out-of-the-box install of the latest Vivaldi 1.8 Stable on OS X 10.11.6.

    Strangely, moving a group of tabs to a new window works fine but moving them to a "previous" window in the hierarchy is what triggers the problem. It's been an issue since v1.6, and Vivaldi in general has had a bunch of lingering quality issues on OS X since v1.5 despite the Chromium base itself being pretty solid.

  • @Ayespy Thanks for the workaround - that does seem to work.
    I would hope the bugs reported by users below are still addressed but for now - Thanks!

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