Copy & paste problem (bug ?)

  • Sometimes I have problem marking text for copy & paste. I am holding mouse key and dragging pointer across the text I want to mark and it suddenly stops. I can't mark any more text, but I can mark less text. Also I can abandon it and mark larger block of text which includes one I want to mark.

    It does not happen always. How to reproduce it ? Search something on Google and try make a selection. It won't happen always.

  • Yes. I am sorry, I didn't find it. I tried to search, but not "selection", but this is it, more or less. Perhaps a bit less sever in my case. Replies suggest that extensions should be disabled. I got 4 of them and none of them seem to be directly related. Here they are:

    • Bookmarks menu - shows bookmarks as menu
    • No-beforeunload - prevents onBeforeUnload event from triggering
    • Video downloader pro - save playing video to disk
    • Offline switcher - changes proxy address to non-existing one, making browser go offline

    I didn't have first one installed when it happened. I'll try disabling one by one until I find which is causing it. Then I will post back here.

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