Visual glitch when scrolling

  • Her's a simple site that I did:
    If you press Ctrl+F5 and scroll up and down near blue parts a bit, this happens:

    alt text

    Or even this:
    alt text

    White parts that appears out of nowhere are not page elements, they are 100% visual glitch. I thied to do same in Chrome and Chromium, glitch is not there, so it's only in Vivaldi. Also, if you resize browser left and right on top position of site, picture in header flashes white and can even dissapear. This is only in Vivaldi too.

  • (Opened and tested without CTRL+F5)
    I suspect the site uses some bad code...
    I didn't see at all the part you attached.
    I had to select like if it were text to see it.

    Opened again, with and without CTRL+F5,
    everything look fine. (Even more strange).
    I don't see glitches.

  • The Ctrl+F5 not needed, except if that input box also glitch out.
    I could reproduce that white block just by repeatedly scrolling up-down fast.
    Glitch not happen in my;

    • Chromium 57.0.2987.98 (Debian built).
    • Opera 44.0.2510.1159.
    • Firefox 52.0.2.

    Changing UserAgent didn't help.
    So probably, Vivaldi issue. Or my old Video card issue.

    Linux/Debian sid amd64
    Vivaldi 1.8.770.46 & 1.8.770.54
    nVidia 8600GT (v:340.102-1 proprietary driver, Debian repo)

  • Yup, maybe it's video-card related. I asked my friend to test, he doesn't have this issue.
    I've found another visual glitch in Vivaldi, now with YouTube. If I open any video on full screen and then move mouse on the video, I see this:

    alt text
    On the bottom-left I see video running smoothly as it should. But other part of the screen trying to give me epilepsy - it's freezing and shaking really fast. My video card is MSI GeForce GTX 980 1216Mhz, I have latest drivers and I run Windows 10. Chromium doesn't have this problem too.

  • @Freakmeister
    Wait for one of Moderators confirm it & give you green light for reportbug.
    I'm just no body. I start to think I shouldn't just point anyone there.

    I suggest to split the report though. That site glitch & youtube shaking problem are different, although it based on one system/hardware.

    Beside, the mods need to move this thread to Windows sub-forum.


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