Best way to close the sidebar after downloads?

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    The sidebar panel opens every time I download something from the web, and there's not a hands-on-keyboard way to close it. A keystroke to toggle the sidebar open/closed would be great, and/or a timer that minimizes the sidebar after a certain period of not interacting with it.

  • You can press F4 to close the sidepanel and / or you can go to the settings and unselect "always open when download is started" or something like that (sry can't point you to the exact location cause I am using my phone atm)

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    @tedcurran The best way is not to open it in the first place. See Settings, Downloads. I have a series of shortcuts for the Web Panels: Ctrl 1 to Ctrl 0. The downloads panel is Ctrl 4, the Mail panel will be Ctrl 3 when it is added.

  • @tedcurran By default it would be [CTRL] (or [⌘]) + [SHIFT] + [D].

    You can also untick "Open Download Panel Automatically" in Vivaldi Settings > Downloads (vivaldi://settings/downloads/) if it annoys you just like it annoyed me... 😉

  • Use a mouse gesture to toggle the panel.

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