Mouse Gestures question

  • Is there a mouse gesture that I am missing to page to the bottom of the page? I found a "Page Down" and "Page Up" but they only page up or down one page at a time. I'm looking for ones that will let me page all the way to the bottom, and then page all the way to the top with only the one gesture. Or did I just miss it, which is highly possible? LOL

  • Moderator

    Yes, there are such commands for mouse gestures. They're called "Scroll Page to Top" and "Scroll Page to Bottom". They're right below "Page Up" and "Page Down" commands - I can't believe you've missed them... 😉

  • Well good heavens. You're a genius. And apparently, I need another pair of glasses. 😧 Thank you very much for your quick answer. Appreciate it.


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