Cannot scroll PDF while Saving As… (anymore)

  • Hej all, here's a small feature that seems to have been lost at some point:

    I used to be able to scroll a PDF in the browsers PDF Viewer even while I had openen the "Save As" dialog. This was great for me, because I specify long filenames for PDF (Author, Year, Title) and I usually have to move around in the document to select this information.

    This feature is gone: once I bring up the Save As dialog, the PDF view is frozen.

    Has anyone else noticed when this was lost? Is there a workaround?
    Can somebody tell me if this is a chrome or a vivaldi issue? (I'll file a feature request if I know where to.)

    Best wishes, kai

  • @lesk
    I never aware we could scroll around when Save dialog box on top.
    I'm in Linux/Debian sid amd64, Openbox WM.

    As far I could tell after testing it, the PDF view couldn't scroll if the dialog box on top. That dialog box was WM responsibility btw.

    I tested with:

    • Vivaldi current stable & snapshot (x64).
    • Chromium (Debian built) 57.0.2987.98 (x64).
    • Opera 44.0.2510.1159 (x64).
    • Firefox 52.0.2 (x64). Different PDF.js than Chromium.

    If you sure it does scroll before, I think the change come on our (we both) WM/DE, X, or other libraries.

  • I'm on KDE and I can scroll around with the Save Page As (or is it Save File?) dialog open. It's the KDE system save as dialog, not a GTK+ dialog like in Firefox (where scrolling as described doesn't work). So in a different desktop environment you could get different results.

  • @kumiponi
    That's what I'm afraid of.

    If not mistaken, KDE has/use stand alone application for dialog. Maybe kdialog.
    KDE Plasma 5 & up split everything to pieces. So basically they all stand alone, one won't break another severely.

    That Save dialog is really handled by the WM. Mine (which is in Openbox) obviously GTK+ dialog.


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