Adjusting some visual elements

  • Hi guys,
    I've been peeking around Vivaldi for a little bit, and now I thought I'd become a member. I understand that it was built by a former Opera member, well I come from Opera, so I'm interested. My first impression of Vivaldi, I like it. The only thing is that I think some visual elements could really be adjusted. The managers in the Tools menu (bookmarks, history, and extensions) are not too user friendly. I am a big bookmark maniac, and I miss having the layout and visual style as Opera. And the custom bookmark folders should stay separate from the ones on the toolbar. The last thing, the menus seem a bit compact. It would be better to have one menu for both Windows and Mac with all options and managers right there.

    I apologize if I rambled too much. I was reviewing Vivaldi back when it first launched, and I see it's really coming along.


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