Crash when open more than 15 tabs from Bookmarks

  • Hi, I have imported my bookmarks from Chrome and to have icons in bookmark tab I decided to select many and open all at once.
    But if I open more then 15, Vivaldi instantly crash (tabs are not restored and icons do not appear).
    15 Tabs are opening just fine, if I select 16 browser crash 🙂

    Tried on both 32 and 64 bit, my OS is Windows 10 Pro, i7, 16GB Ram, so resources are more than enough.

    I can provide *.dmp file to a team member, maybe there is any useful information.

    Have a nice day 🙂

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    @exaybachay I just opened a folder of 25 bookmarks without any issues. You could submit a bug report with details of the sites that you tried to open. If you don't try to include the 16th site, but try with a different set of 20 tabs, does it still crash?

  • I just found why it happen, when there is a page with popup login/pass like this: alt text

    If I open without this I can open more 😉

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    I can confirm the bug with opening just one bookmark pointing to a site that uses the native login prompt. After clicking on "Open in New Window"/"Open in New Background Window"/"Open in New Private Window", Vivaldi will crash immediately.

    I will send a more detailed bug report later (I might have to create an example site for that matter).

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    Can confirm the crashes with 1.8 Stable with opening bookmarks having
    Basic Authentication popups.
    But it happens not allways! But when it happens after first tab is loaded.

    I will investigate the issue now in bugtracker.
    Reported crash VB-27263 "Crash while opening many bookmarks (having basic auth)"


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