Requested features which are already implemented

  • Vivaldi Team

    In order to contain the feature requests thread, some of the features that have been already implemented are moved here. Thanks in advance for your understanding. :slight_smile:

  • Opera 10 like Find in page

    alt text

  • an Option to disable Tab Stacking

    a new option to disable tab stacking (completely).
    if more than a dozen tabs are open, its nearly impossible to move a tab, without it merges with another tab.

    for heavy researches vivaldi is not usable

  • an option to set a tab in a cycle container then make it accessible in keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures allowing switching between tabs inside this container, I find it useful in some situations where I have lots of opened tabs and I need to give priority for some tabs

  • an option to hide webpages from web panel when clicking outside and have an option to pin it when needed

  • Moderator

    !!! This is a thread for already implemented features, not for Feature requests !!!
    Please post feature requests at

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Already implemented:

    • Add the possibility to catch and move the extension icons.
    • Possibility to mark all items at once, for Clear Private Data.
    • Add the option for opening Screenshots from notes in New Tab
    • Add option in Clear private data to clear Typing history in Adress bar and Search bar
    • More option for right click on Extension icons, not only Hide button
    • Add History manager to the panel

    These are the features that I have personally asked and repeatedly suggested a few times :wink:

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