Requested features already implemented

  • @JuniorSilva30
    Is it possible to program this (turning off tab stacking) into a shortcut keystroke?

    This way, someone with a lot of tabs open who wishes to move one could select whether to move or merge with a single shortcut key by toggling it on and off.

  • @dpm39110
    This thread about "moved request" due they're already implemented. 😄

    And, no.
    Currently there's not yet shortcut able for any tab stacking related.

    Current Feature request is here.

  • Warning When Download Is Incomplete

    Warn on exiting the browser if downloads are still running.

    Implemented in Snapshot 1.13.997.3 (64-bit)
    Note that this is not available through autoupdate. Download it directly from the Team Blog.

  • Resume Broken Downloads

  • FEATURE REQUEST: Show download speeds at downloads bars itself...

    Whilst the download speed in the downloads panel is very welcome, I would prefer to see it in the downloads bars itself and showing downloads speed for every simultaneous downloads... so I could see several download speeds at a glance instead of click each download to see their download speed at bottom...


    alt text


    UPDATE: Already implemented in the last snapshot. 🙂


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