[Bug?] Ctrl+f (and other shortcuts) on Google Doc Suite

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Most browsers will disable ctrl+f when in docs suite because docs has its own handling of that cmd. This browser doesn't which is annoying because it requires me to have to exit Vivaldi's search box to click on docs meaning I can't go keyboard only defeating the purpose of the keyboard shortcut.

    I noticed in general Docs cmds are ify of how they work in Vivaldi with most text formatting (i.e. Bold, Align left...) working fine but things Doc specific things like ctrl+k not working either at all or as intended.

  • @carstorm I disable keyboard shortcuts in Vivaldi when using Google Docs. I have a keyboard shortcut to enable/disable keyboard shortcuts in Vivaldi (Alt-Ctrl-P). Google Docs works fine for me after disabling Vivaldi's keyboard shortcuts.

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Thanks, that'll work for now but the issue should still be resolved at some point, most other browsers don't have this issue.

  • Moderator

    Blocking webapp's shortcuts to get bubbled up to Vivaldi's user interface is in progress.

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