Switch tabs in Full Screen mode?

  • I just realized that while using Vivaldi in full screen mode I don't know how to switch to another tab without taking it out of full screen mode. Is there a way to do that, or do I have to continue doing as I've been doing?

  • @WayneB Try Ctrl + Tab, and Ctrl + Shift + Tab

  • @Pesala said in Switch tabs in Full Screen mode?:

    @WayneB Try Ctrl + Tab, and Ctrl + Shift + Tab

    Both work great. Thanks @Pesala !

  • @WayneB You can also use F2 button - this way you'll be able to see all your tabs while in full screen mode

  • @WayneB
    If you activated the option "Switch Tab by Scrolling" (in settings-->tabs-->tab cycling) you can also keep the right mouse button pressed and scroll with the mouse wheel - just mentioning in case you are more a mouseperson than keyboard user.

    Little sidenote about this option: This also activates tab switching when you are not in fullscreen and hover your mouse over a tab in the tabbar and scroll with your mousewheel. (Just wanted to let you know because this sometimes is filed as bug although it is intended to work this way)

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