Isolating web browsing to different sessions

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    There is one thing that has been vexing me with web browsing and that is the management of the huge amount of information that flows through the browser. I have a few feature requests that address this issue and this request is one of them in this topic.

    I use the web browser for many different reasons during the day which results in having maybe thousands of tabs open at once on 6 different browsers. Having many tabs open consumes a vast amount of resources and I only need a few tabs open for the current session.

    Let's list the following set of motives behind why I as an end-user am using the web browser at the moment:

    1. For entertainment purposes; I'm reading some news, following a group of let's play videos or funny kittens or whatever
    2. I have a legal dispute with someone or something and I'm researching lawsuit cases on the web, reading law text pages on different websites.
    3. I'm unhappy with my current job and I'm currently looking for other career opportunities
    4. I have a greasemonkey project at the garage working on restoring a car while browsing through an amount of sources and forums related to pursuing that project.
    5. I'm really fascinated with Inkscape (a vectorized illustration software similar to Adobe Illustrator) and follow a bunch of tutorials on the YouTube. I want to be able to track my progress with the tutorials and be able to go back and forth between them.
    6. I'm also learning a new cool functional programming language called Clojure, while doing that, I'm browsing through different APIs, posts on StackExchange and some programming forums.

    So depending on my mood or need, I'm working on one of those different cases. It would be nice to be able to have them contained in different sessions with different tracking capabilities. Let's say that I have a timeline with stated goals to accomplish with my tutorials for example. To add to the complexity, let's say that in the middle of job search I find an interesting tutorial for my Inkscape project or Clojure learning project. It would be nice to be able to pass that over to the corresponding sessions while resuming the job search.

  • You could try chrome://settings (paste in url bar) and add a people for every type of activity you want.
    You should have different bookmarks/history/saved password for every "user" in such way.
    You can also do a shortcut for every profile.

  • @bot This feature already exists. Vivaldi menu > File > Saved Open Tabs as Session

    You can restore it later from File > Open Saved Session

  • @Tiamarth It's not very seamless. The process of switching between the sessions is pretty laborious. You cannot just add/remove tabs from each session and continue where you left off.

    If you have several sessions open at once, how can you keep them separate?

    There is no apparatus for keeping track of progress in a session.

    The current state is not smooth at all. I know there is bookmarks. Having them separated by sessions may or may not be helpful. As it is now, you don't get a good workflow from it.

  • @bot As far as I remember there is still work in progress for the sessions.
    To keep sessions separate from each other I use two different windows (yes I know not especially a thing to fasten up your workflow).
    By the way you might also try Quickcommand menu to open and close sessions (and other stuff of course) and see if this smoothen the process a bit for you. You can access it by pressing "F2".

  • @bot

    The process of switching between the sessions is pretty laborious.

    You can set keyboard shortcuts to open the save and open session dialogs, if that makes it easier for you. And as zaibon mentioned, you can also use the Quick Commands menu to open the session dialogs.

    You cannot just add/remove tabs from each session and continue where you left off.

    That's an interesting idea. If you post it in the feature request thread, I'll upvote you there too.

    A workaround you could try is right clicking on any open tab and selecting "Bookmark All Open Pages," which will put all of your currently open tabs into a folder in your bookmarks menu, thus allowing you to "add or remove tabs from other sessions" by deleting bookmarks in the corresponding folders. Or you could stack all the tabs you want to store in a new session, right click the stack, and choose "Bookmark Tab Stack." Not exactly session management, but it does work.

  • @Tiamarth said in Isolating web browsing to different sessions:

    If you post it in the feature request thread, I'll upvote you there too.

    I thought I just did. That thread you are linking to, I'm unable to make posts there, I can only click on reply.

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    @bot: Feature request thread IS a post, so of course you can only make replies. Each reply is, technically, a feature request. The thread is designed for requests and upvotes, NOT for discussions.


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