Disable CTRL+B in textbox/textarea with rich text editor

  • Issue: CTRL+B always opens bookmarks window.
    Desired solution: CTRL+B should be disabled when the focus is in/on a textbox/textarea with rich text editor

    The story:
    Most of the websites on the internet have a rich text editor, with keyboard shortcuts for text formatting. One of those shortcut being CTRL+B, which makes the selected text bold.

    In Vivaldi, after pressing CTRL+B, the text is formatted, but the bookmarks window is also opened.

    I would really like this function to be disabled, so one can press CTRL+B in a textbox/textarea with rich text editor without getting the bookmarks window.

    CTRL+B in Firefox: http://imgur.com/You1oJE

    CTRL+B in Vivaldi: http://imgur.com/tAIjbzZ (the grey/black background = bookmarks window)

  • Moderator

    @Yavuz_Selim: For now, unless the shortcut is important to you, you can simply delete it in Settings.

  • @Yavuz_Selim
    Or you can deactivate vivaldis shortcuts via a shortcut as long as you work in such editors.
    Go to:
    Settings --> Keyboard --> scroll down to and open the section "Page"--> scroll down to "Disable Keyboard Shortcuts" -->give it a shortcut
    So you can bypass this issue


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