What I hate about Vivaldi

  • Hello, I'm trying to post into this forum, but I'm unable to submit a message - it just repeats that it's spam (although I think that it's 100% on-topic). The whole text I'm trying to submit is located here: http://sh.sukovec.cz/vivaldi-forum-post.txt

    So I'm sorry to post it like this, but I don't know, what to do about it :(

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    I love the idea of re-creating opera12-like browser (which I'm still partially using). I can say that Vivaldi is much better than Chrome/Chromium (yet using Chrome/Chromium/Blink codebase). However, there are still things I don't like, I'm missing and also things i really hate about. I'm writing it into "multiplatform" section altough few things are linux-based. I'm going to be most constructive as I can, so I hope it will be benefited, but feel free to kick me out of forum if it would seem inappropriate (and don't hesitate to repair my english, I know it I'm not good at it). ;)
    If you don't understand, what I had meant, just tell me and I'll try best to clarify it.

    So, here we go:

    1. The browser needs to have at least one tab opened. I like browser without tabs sometimes. This is maybe the most minor thing in my list of theoretical flaws :)
    1. Second problem I've found is much bigger - when I say "Ctrl + S", I expect that page/image/whatever will be saved to given directory from browsers cache, not downloaded again. Imagine some kind of one-shot download of image. You are looking at the image, but unable to save. I don't know, if it's bug or feature, but it looks for me like feature - is there any reason to have it like this?

    2. On Opera 12, I can use "middle-mouse-button-clipboard" to open new page just by selecting and middle-clicking on tab-bar, in chrome I can middle click at least on "new tab" button and page will open. Take it as proposal to small but cool feature (probably only for Linux).

    3. I'm the one that use browser with lot of keyboard. Sometimes I open 4 or 5 websites at once with fast (^N => Ctrl + N, mapped to new tab) typing: ^N web1 .com <CR> ^N web2 .com <CR> ^N web3 .com <CR> ^N web4 .com
      But, sometimes happens, that one of these opened tabs leaves focus on address bar and then keys 1 and 2 for moving between tabs don't work - it starts typing into address bar instead.

    4. URL suggestion works bad for me. Let's suppose a new installed Vivaldi, without settings, without any history. I'll type for example "goose. com", look at website and realize I don't want to go to goose. com no more. After the only visit of goose, I'm going to use google. com everyday. But, even after 1000 visits of google, writing "goo" into adressbar still suggest me "goose. com".

    5. Writing "something/" into address bar is translated as [default search engine] search. Before Opera 11 (I think) writing a "name/" tried "ht tp:// name/", then "ht tp:// name. tld" (with few configured tlds). I know this is feature in all "modern" browsers and I really hate it. For search, I've configured "shortcuts" like "g google"...

    7... 1000. There is few others flaw, unimplemented features, differences etc. But these six are thing that I can imagine right now.

    Awaiting responses, lets see if I'm alone with these opinios :) Don't take it as some kind of offence, please. Have a nice day.
    PS: sorry for the spaces in example URL's, but this forums engine thought that my post is spam (is it? :))

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    Not easy to fight against a hater. I feel like sitting on :scorpion: reading this. Git a stitch now.
    I could say: Yes you are right … But the devs are working on speed-up and … and they fixed … and this or that.

    Looks like we loose you if you compare all your needs and found Vivaldi bugs to Opera 12.

  • Thanks mod for edit!

    @Gwen-Dragon: I wouldn't call myself a hater (in it's usual internet way) - I'm trying to be as constructive as possible, I'm willing to listen others. And, anyway - on personal computer, I'm using Vivaldi, yet interbrowser transition being hard for me :) If I would be a hater, I wouldn't use it ;)

    But there are things I don't like, I think are bugs and I would like to see them changed. And as I'm nobody, the only thing I can do about it is write on official forums. Second thing I can do is make complaints on other servers and forums, writing usual "Vivaldi is a [insert your favorite curse word]". But that's what would "true hater" do :)

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    @sukovec You can help if you like.

    1. please post your short feature requests at end of https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/15385/feature-requests-for-1-9-1-10/416

    2. Please feel free to report bugs!

    How to do a bugreport for Vivaldi
    Report the bug at https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/
    Describe the issue as precise as you can.
    If you use any extensions please give information which ones you use.
    If you have a URL or a own testpage which can checked, add it to the bugreport.
    If you have own testcase files (HTML, CSS, JS etc.) add them to the confirmation mail you get after report.
    If you have a screenrecording video, you can attach it to give the developers a hint how this might happen or look like.
    You will get a bug confirmation mail and in a reply to this mail you can add more information and files as attachments for the testers and bug tracking team.

    Thanks in advance for helping us to make Vivaldi better!

    I hope we will get you back.

    Sometimes i am with you about strange bugs and missing features. And sometimes i am getting a little, little bit mad about some bugs in Vivaldi while programming JS, serverside apps or using it as webbrowser.

    But Vivaldi was not created in one year. And the team is not as big as Opera ASA was. But there are some wellknown (ex-Opera) team members working hard to make Vivaldi better than old Opera 12.

  • @sukovec Just a few thoughts (using Vivaldi 1.8 Stable on Linux)

    1. I'm not understanding the purpose of a Browser Window without tabs. Would that be so different to having Startup set to "Blank Page"?

    2. Yeah, sometimes "save from cache" would be useful AS AN OPTION :grin:

    3. Middle Click on "new tab" button ( + ) works for me.

    4. Using Crtl-1 ; Ctrl-2 etc switches tabs for me.

    5. This is discussed in quite a few threads (also the "prefer bookmarks" option). I think there is already a bug open (??)

    6. For me, after typing
      "bard" [enter] performs default search
      "bard/" [enter] goes to htt p:/bard/
      "bard" or "bard/" [Ctrl-Enter] goes to htt p://bard.com

  • @sukovec said in What I hate about Vivaldi:

    Thanks mod for edit!

    @Gwen-Dragon: I wouldn't call myself a hater (in it's usual internet way) - I'm trying to be as constructive as possible,

    I can see that, from your postings, but the title of this thread gives a totally different impression: "What I hate about Vivaldi".

    Since you said that we don't have to hesitate to fix your English, I hope you allow me to offer some advice in wording. "Hate" has strong negative connotation and constructive comments aren't usually expected from it. So, instead of listing "what you hate about Vivaldi", you need to list "improvements you would like in Vivaldi and bugs you want to see fixed".

  • Hi guys, thanks for anwers.

    @ryofurue I absolutly understand your point. I will try to use more positive words in future. I did not meant it like I hate the whole software, more like I hate just some behavior of it.


    1. It may sound ridiculous or you may see me as little insane person, but browser without tabs has a meaning for me - when I want to go somewhere, i just go to browser, press ctrl + N and use. With one tab always opened (about:blank or something else), this leaves my browser with two tab - one empty. The second reason is when I made a typo, I was used to Ctrl + W, Ctrl + N and type it again. Third reason - I just like to have it like that :) But as I said - this is totally minor flaw for me, not a some kind of deal-breaker. Maybe I did not have to write it at all.
    2. Not an option. It should be a default behavior - you already have the data, why download them again?
    3. I've just tried that - it just opens empty tab.
    4. I will try to figure out how this thing happens to me and then make a better description, maybe directly into the bug tracker. It is not just using keys 1,2 to move between tabs, but fact that some of tabs after fast opening has focus in address bar.
    5. Okey, I'll search forum better :)
    6. Yeah, you are right. Maybe it was broken in an older version or ...? I dont know and I'm sorry, it works as it should. Sorry for that.

  • @sukovec No problem.

    1. Well if you must press Ctrl-N (instead of e.g. F8 ) - OK :grin:

    2. I think saving page may depend on page contents (sometimes you may want/need "latest" info), so I suggested an option.

    3. Isn't an empty tab what you wanted? That is what I understood by "new page".

    4. Yes, it could be "fast opening" or it could be that page has an input field etc which takes focus.

    5. I meant that just as information for you NOT as a criticism (in other words "known problem").

    6. Yay ( 1 out of 6 done ).

    Note: If you wish to register Feature Requests (such as 1 & 2) there is a thread for that
    However, it is already 23 pages long so checking if a request has already been made and then "voting" for it is time consuming (1 feature request per reply/post):

  • @TbGbe

    1. Yeah, sometimes. But most times you want to save what you see now, not what server may send you in future :) Therefore, optional should be the "download again and then save".
    2. Try chromium or older opera in linux. Select some text (it will come into primary Xorg clipboard), then click on tab-bar (Opera 12) or "New tab" button (Chromium). A page with selected text as address will open.
    3. As I said, I'll try to describe it better and find some way how to reproduce it with 100% probability. It is something, that happens only sometimes when I do few steps fast. I have a problem to describe this problem to be understood well.

    Thanks and have a nice day :)

  • @sukovec said in What I hate about Vivaldi:

    2.optional should be the "download again and then save".

    As long as there is a changeable option, which is default doesn't matter :grinning:

    1. Try chromium or older opera in linux. Select some text (it will come into primary Xorg clipboard), then click on tab-bar (Opera 12) or "New tab" button (Chromium). A page with selected text as address will open.

    I haven't used either on Linux - only installed it recently.
    I just use "Search with" on selected text (unless it's a link - then mouse gestures).
    You could add this to the Requests thread.

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