Vivaldi browser with Kaspersky Internet Security causing some problems

  • Hello everyone,
    Only one website I found this problem when Vivaldi saves my login data and I would like to use them, I get error message "fill the password field, if forgotten use this link" what is already filled by vivaldi and there is no mistake nor user nor password.

    0_1491307050153_pcforum-login.jpg I've removed the saved details and logged in again and again retype manually the datas, saved them all the times I get same error message. When I try an other browser everything works fine.

    Kaspersky Internet Security (2017) would like to install its plugin to the browser, but ain't works fine:

  • One thing more: I switched off all my plugins, the problem still exist.

  • @m0rton
    The answer is pretty easy: This won't work.
    The reason is simply that kaspersky doesn't support any version of chrome higher than 52.x and vivaldi is (since 1.8.770.38) based on Chromium 57.0.2987.111.

    So in clear and simple words: Don't use it!
    In those version upgrades are a few security issues fixed which obviously aren't considered by kaspersky.
    So when you go to the chrome store - where you can get extensions - kaspersky isn't even listed because of that exact reason.
    In other words your security program would cause more vulnerabilities than prevent them.

    If you want to check for yourself:

  • @zaibon So I removed Kaspersky plugin from Vivaldi, disabled "auto add kaspersky plugin to browsers" and installed the new version of Vivaldi.
    Login problem still exist, so do you think the probleam caused something else?

  • @m0rton
    Mmh, does this still happen when you disable your other extensions? (Just to test this press "Ctrl + Shift + E" and uncheck the box "Enabled")
    Does the password save and autofill thing works for you on other websites?


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