Minor update to Vivaldi 1.8

  • Vivaldi Team

    Earlier today we released a minor update to 1.8.

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  • First and last at the same time.

    Update works on Windows startup.

  • Hyped for the coming 1.9 snapshot! Thought that would be it initially.

  • Three's a lucky number, 1.8 seems faster to!

  • @luetage: Same! Can't wait to see what 1.9 will have.

  • @sojiro84: I can't wait to see 2.0 with Mail 😃 I bet it will be released with 2.0. Hope we get it (M3) to our hands before releasing stable, somebody have to test it, right? 🙂

    and of course i hope m3 won't be huge disappointment

  • It's going to be weird having an installed version of Vivaldi with a red icon. Thanks for the update though. 😉

  • good to be back..... and i hope the 1.9 will be come today or tomorrow right.... i hope the next installment upgrade will be the downloads page... with the booster downloads and multi threading with schedule support.

  • Please consider to add history as a search engine. I'd like to be able to enter "h tablet" (for example) into the URL bar and get the coresponding history view as a result. Is that possible? Thanks and have a good time!

  • Yesterday (Apr. 4. 2017) I installed the update 1.8.770.54 on my Windows 7 Home Premium system, Service Pack 1.

    After that Vivaldi wouldn't start anymore.
    When I try to start Vivaldi, after double-clicking the Vivaldi Icon I can see several Vivaldi processes in the task manager, but after a few seconds they disappear.

    I have no clue what could have happened.
    The only strange thing that I noticed is the way I was notified of the Vivaldi version update.
    Namely a few days ago a popup opened with a notice of the Vivaldi version update, and then a couple of days later a second popup appeared with a notice of a Vivaldi version update.

    After the first notification I updated Vivaldi with the new version and AGAIN after I got the second notification. Only after being notified a second time and applying the new version did Vivaldi cease to function.

    After that I tried to solve the problem by deinstalling Vivaldi and downloading the version again and installing it. When I deinstalled Vivaldi I did not choose the option to delete browsing data. But after the new installation the problem still persists.

    No idea what to do now, except go back to using Firefox.... 😞

  • @fendar: +1 This would be really handy!

  • @simbau:
    Okay, now I have narrowed it down a bit.

    I deinstalled my Vivaldi and then I also backed up my Default folder and then deleted all the rest.
    Then I did a clean installation of Vivaldi 1.8.770.54 again.
    I started Vivaldi and the program ran just fine.
    Then I shut down the program again.

    Then I moved the new Default folder away and copied the old Default folder, which I had backed up from my old Vivaldi installation, back into the User Data folder to replace the new Default folder.

    Now when I started Vivaldi, I saw the Vivaldi processes start up in my task manager for a few seconds and then vanish. And Vivaldi would not run.

    So obviously, something in my old Default folder is not compatible with the new version of Vivaldi. What that is, is unclear, because Vivaldi ran just fine with the old Default folder before I installed version 1.8.770.54.

    No idea how to proceed now.
    On one hand I have Vivaldi running again; on the other hand all of my former contents of the Default folder are lost, until I can figure out what exactly is not compatible between the older version of the Default folder and the new Vivaldi version..... 😞

  • @jacekn Looking forward to synchronisation too.
    I know it needs to be just right & with the developers, Vivaldi have it will be perfect when it lands, but have had to go through a couple of reinstalls this year & really missed it

  • @simbau:
    OK, now I have narrowed it down even further.

    I can now now run Vivaldi with the standard, new Default folder.
    So I decided to start copying over files from my old Default folder to the new default folder to see which ones work and which don't.

    I started with my Notes file (also because I made many notes and wanted access them again).

    I copied the old Notes file over to the new Default folder and started Vivaldi again, and it worked.

    Next, the bookmarks.
    But after I copied my old Bookmarks file over to the new Default folder, Vivaldi would not start anymore... 😞

    I don't know why the new Vivaldi version does not like my Bookmarks file, because the Bookmarks file was working fine in the old Vivaldi installation before I updated to the new version.

    But at least I know where the stumbling block is ...

  • @SimBau If you exported your bookmarks to html before the update, you could always bring them back.

  • Moderator

    @SimBau Have you tried using the Bookmarks.bak file instead (by - obviously - removing the .bak extension)?

    If it still fails, you could try importing them manually (make another backup of your profile before proceeding - just in case):

    1. Copy your Bookmarks file to some location, let's say D:\New Folder\
    2. In Vivaldi click on Menu > File > Import Bookmarks and Settings...
    3. Select "Vivaldi" from the dropdown
    4. Uncheck "Use Default Profile Location"
    5. Click on the "Choose a Folder..." button
    6. Navigate to D:\New Folder\ and select it
    7. Hit OK. Imported bookmarks should now appear in a separate folder in your bookmarks in Vivaldi.

    If you need more help with recreating your profile, you should probably check this article.

  • How do I update? Somehow when I closed the browser out, I lost the page to update it.

  • Moderator

    @BradyBunchFan: There are two ways to update - and you're not ready for one of them (shapshot) yet, given that your system is blocking you from loading any "older" version. and the next snapshot won't come out before tomorrow or later.

    First, if you are staying with the Stable stream, merely open Vivaldi. If there's a newer version, it will tell you automatically - BUT only once a day or so. If you skip the update it won't remind you for at least another 24 hours. If you want to check yourself, click on the Menu/help button, and select "about." Under that you will have the opportunity to "check for updates" which will let you download and install the most recent Stable if yours is not the most recent. If you do that, get the notice that there's a newer version and fail to install it, Vivaldi will not "AUTO" check for a newer version for at least another 24 hours, but you can still manually check and update any time you want.

    If you want to install the latest Snapshot, and you are on Stable, Vivaldi will never tell you there is a new version. You have to go to the Blog https://vivaldi.com/blog and look. If you want to CHANGE from stable to snapshot, you can download and install the latest snapshot on the blog in the default location. Once you do, it will replace Stable and not update to Stable versions, but will update to each new snapshot version that comes out. OR, if you want to have BOTH on your system, you can download the latest snapshot and pick "advanced" in the installer, and pick to install it "Standalone," and then pick a different directory from the one Stable is in (which in Windows would be User/Appdata/Local/Vivaldi). When I want to do this, I just pick a new folder name like Vivaldi1.

    If you have them installed side-by-side, EACH will check for a new version of its own stream every time you start it, but only once per 24 hours or so.

  • YouTube videos using AVC are still dropping frames like mad.

  • @pafflick:
    Thanks for the suggestion.
    I did try the .bak bookmarks file, but Vivaldi still wouldn't run.

    What I ended up doing (because I hadn't made any regular backups of my bookmarks) was I found a previous version of Vivaldi (by trial and error) that still worked with my old bookmarks file -- version 1.7.735.48 -- and installed it.

    I then loaded my latest bookmarks file into the Default folder of version 1.7.735.48 and started it, exported my bookmarks as an html file, and then closed Vivaldi again, and deinstalled it.

    I installed version 1.8.770.54 again, copied my entire old Default file over to the new 1.8.770.54 version (but kept the Bookmarks file of the 1.8.770.54, so I could run Vivaldi), and then imported the html file with my bookmarks.

    So now I have a 1.8.770.54 running with my complete set of bookmarks, but I am left a bit more wary about future version updates of Vivaldi.

    Because as I said, Vivaldi was running fine with my bookmarks until I installed 1.8.770.54 the first time, and I haven't gotten to the bottom of why there was a problem when I installed 1.8.770.54....

    Your suggestion of trying a manual import looks interesting, I might try in future if something like this happens again.

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