Vivaldi Form Filler?

  • When filling online forms, I keep seeing a small popup note about Vivaldi. Yet I can find no way to populate a basic form filler, if V has one. Else, why would the popup keep appearing. Nothing about this in 'Help' or in 'Settings.'

  • @KetchupKid
    What pop-up?

    The basic form filler, maybe this one;

  • @dLeon 0_1491248915615_04-03 ~ 02.46.26-.jpg

    This is an online test form so I can show you what pops up: "Vivaldi Autofill settings"

  • @KetchupKid
    Oh, that one.

    Chromium based autofill only has limited support.
    It's all everything we see in vivaldi://chrome/settings/autofill

    The rest excluding password, only based on typed history in input box.
    Even if we never put anything in vivaldi://chrome/settings/autofill
    We can't edit this one (easily), only delete them.
    As far as I know pop-up only a suggestion & appear when it recognise the first letter.
    This also Chromium based. Vivaldi only port its name.

    If you really bothered with it, try to untick "Enable Autofill..." at


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