Issues with how the screen elements are organized/zoomed.

  • In almost all of the more complex pages the text elements overlap each others, making it next to impossible to read and navigate efficiently. I can give you an example with Vivaldi's own forum view, showing 100% zoom with both Vivaldi and Chrome. Usually zooming to <100% levels makes the case worse, but sometimes you might get better results with zooming things bigger. As you can see from the example images I provide, in this forum the "tag"-elements are overlapping with the title text. If I zoom to less than 100%, the title text seems to zoom out "more" and the tags cover it even more. There are plenty of forums that are totally inaccessible for me, as some random elements of the pages are overlapping others.

    A 120% (more more) zoom seems to make this forum's titles mostly readable, yet still some longer titles disappear behind tags (or other random elements on the page). This is also "happens all the time, everywhere" type of problem (together with the mouse cursor disappearing issue) which makes using Vivaldi as a main browser for me impossible. I do have a superwide 2560x1080 display as a main screen but every other browser works fine, so it's either related to zooming algorithm or other graphics handling of Vivaldi, or some incompatibly with my GPU I'd assume.

    Using Win10, R9 290x (Sapphire), latest AMD drivers and everything up to date and working otherwise. (Right now pasting my example images and the tool helps are blinking in and out (together with mouse cursor) of view every half a second or so btw.)


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    @Widiar: I've not seen what you complain of. Is there anything else that might be unique about your system or your install?

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    @Widiar How are you zooming those web pages if the zoom is still at 100%? I can't replicate this issue when using the built-in zoom. All web page elements are zoomed simultaneously - no overlapping anywhere.

    On your first screenshot, it looks like the page is still at 100% zoom level - only some of the elements are enlarged in an unusual way...

  • @Ayespy I have zero plugins or add-ons installed into Vivaldi, nor do I have anything that should or could affect the way screen elements are rendered. As said, everything works just fine with every other browser. Vivaldi is the only exception that gives me this overlapping issues. But I also do have this major problem with cursor disappearing as well as trying to highlight/paint text stopping randomly, so I am personally thinking there is something wrong with the compatibility with my GPU. I have very wide selection of software installed but I cannot fathom any of them should affect how a browser renders screen elements. I can give full specs or take out some debug logs or system information logs if needed.

    I did forgot to point out that with my fullHD displays or television there is no overlapping, so the problem is directly linked to my main screen using 2560x1080 resolution. If somebody else happens to use non standard resolutions, it would help out to know if they have similar problems. I have Opera, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Maxthon and several smaller (unique and derivatives of other browsers) browsers installed and none of them behave like Vivaldi in this aspect.

    I will add two more images showing the zoom with 80% (making it a lot worse) and zooming into 150%, showing how it makes things more readable. To me it is clear that for example in this forum "tag" elements are defined using some absolute text size that does not scale with the zoom, whereas the message titles and other text elements use some relative scaling. The padding between the elements clearly widens when zooming in, so the "tags" will fit better as they stay the same size while everything else enlargens around them.

    I can also add that whether the browser window is maximized/full screen or any size window does not affect the rendering. Maybe this is somewhat a "feature" rather than a bug in Vivaldi but as other browsers "behave" I think it's a non wanted feature for any user like myself.

    In my first message you can see from the Chrome images that the relative size of the tag texts is much smaller in Chrome and (like in other browsers too) they will follow the zoom setting of the browser and get smaller or bigger like the other elements.



  • @pafflick Please see my reply to Ayespy to clear up. My point was that even WITH 100% zoom some elements always overlap and that they do not behave the same in other browsers. In this specific forum the "tag" elements are the ones that do not follow the zoom setting but seem to be rendered in absolute size that makes them readable only with large zoom in settings. If you know anyone with an unconventional screen (resolution) it would help to see if they have the same problem. I am using 2560x1080 with AMD gpu. With standard FHD I do not have this problem.


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