Drop-down boxes do not drop down

  • I don't know if this is platform-specific (Linux), so here it is.

    When V. (v. 1.8.770.50 and earlier) has been running a while, the drop-down boxes stop working via the mouse. I can click them and then use the cursor keys to change the chosen selection, but the drop-down menu never manifests. This is also true of the red "V" menu icon in the Title Bar.

    Cycling V. fixes the problem for a while. Perhaps this is a memory leak?

    I'm on Linux x64 with a nVidia card with an open source driver. No other program has a similar problem.


  • @paul1149 I've never seen this on Linux Mint 18.1 KDE.
    I have Nvidia too (but use the Nvidia drivers).

    However, it may depend on your "running for a while" and "cycling V fixes the problem" as I always shut down overnight; so for me a while would not be more than 8 hours.

  • Hi @TbGbe,

    I also shut down every night, though Linux seems very stable. It depends on how many tabs have been opened, so I guess it's a memory leak issue where memory is not reclaimed fully, and the number of tabs currently open affects it too, I think (I have 6gb of RAM and plenty of swap), but I would say the time period before I see the issue might be about 5 hours.

    I just reduced my swappiness to 30; will see if that makes a difference.



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