Mouse cursor disappears

  • In Win 10 Explorer and in Messenger, the focus of the mouse and the cursor disappears if I move out of the current object... Any ideas?

  • @FraidyMan For me the cursor disappears all the time as well, which is extremely annoying. Trying to navigate or "paint" things for copy-pasting is next to impossible (especially when even if the cursor is showing, the paint process bugs and randomly selects way too much of stuff or just "stops" in the middle of painting and you cannot continue without releasing and starting over again). Also all the pop-up -help balloons (like youtube video descriptions, which I would need all the time to see the full title/info of a video without opening it) are unusable as they disappear within half a second when I stop moving the mouse on top of any element.

    This behavior does not happen with other browsers, currently forcing me to use anything else but Vivaldi (not only problem I have with Vivaldi, but one of the most annoying).

    I'm using (Sapphire's) R9 290x GPU with latest drivers, doubt other specs are of importance. In case the developers care it's Asrocks' Extreme 11 (x79) motherboard with I7 3930k, 16GB of RAM and a multitude of peripherals like Logitech's Atlas keyboard and Razer's gaming mouse.

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    I didn't ever have such problems with disappearing cursors in Vivaldi as far as I remember. Have you tried unchecking "Hide the mouse cursor for page-initiated fullscreen" under Fullscreen Mode settings in vivaldi://settings/webpages/?

    The other cause may be the Flash plugin, as it has the "ability" to hide the cursor, but I don't know how it could affect you in this case...

  • @pafflick Does not seem to affect the problem in any way for me, whether in full screen or not. For example in this very forum as soon as I move the mouse cursor and stop, the cursor will disappear in less than a second. I am unable to see any pop ups and also the URL address in the lower left corner will disappear. It behaves like you're moving the mouse away from the link/element. It is not a mouse sensitivity issue as even with lowest possible DPI it happens. Also tested it with other mouses and it's the same problem, so it is related to Vivaldi somehow.

    The cursors will btw. disappear in any area of the browser, be it the rendered web page, Vivaldi menus/action bars/tabs areas etc. It reminds me of how video players "hide the mouse cursor when playing" after a while, but it happens almost immediately. Also with the explorer browser, if you for example open up "save as" menu or something similar. The only way to know where your mouse is going is to see the highlight of the filename it hovers over, making it VERY difficult to work.

    Personally I am suspecting some kind of weird bug with the AMD GPU or the drivers. Would help if Nvidia users could confirm whether any of them have this issue or not.

  • @Widiar I'm running the latest Nvidia drivers with Vivaldi 1.8.770.50 and have the same problem. After roughly 2 seconds, the mouse cursor disappears, regardless of whether any mouse buttons are pressed or not.

    I've also disabled the "Hide the mouse cursor for page-initiated fullscreen" option and did not notice any difference.

  • @alexdante Just to narrow down some weird hardware interactions, can you share your full system specs and OS version?

  • @Widiar Sure: it's an i7-6700K running Win10 Pro, GPU is a GTX 980.

  • I tinkered with the advanced flags of Vivaldi and it seems disabling hardware acceleration fixes the disappearing cursor problem for me, you should all give it a try. You can access the setting through vivaldi://settings/search#accel

    It did seem to alleviate the problem with highlighting text as well, the cursor does not seem to stop randomly like it did with hw acceleration turned on.

    It might or might not have some other performance benefits or losses, but for generic usage it should be fine even if turned off.

  • I was just switching over to Vivaldi as my main browser when I ran into this bug.
    I'm running Windows 10 x64 Pro build 14393 on Haswell with nvidia Maxwell (381 driver). Vivaldi is 1.10.867.34.
    Disabling mouse cursor hiding for fullscreen content didn't seem to have an effect, but I tried whether it worked after a restart of Vivaldi and it appeared to work ... until my mouse pointer started disappearing again after about half a day.

    The disabled acceleration you're talking about, would that be 2d-canvas acceleration in flags, @Widiar? Because I can't find any acceleration option in the settings.

    I will try disabling the accelerated 2d-canvas now. I wish you luck Vivaldi :).

  • Well disabling the accelerated 2d canvas didn't change a thing.

    A clarification on the worst parts of the problem may be in order:

    • mouse disappearing and reappearing on next movement: survivable
    • difficulty with marking text: unpleasant, in a pinch a death sentence
    • the cursor not reappearing after the next movement while in a file dialog (up- or download): very, very annoying (you have to navigate by highlighting or keyboard control, which makes path traversing a nightmare)

  • Having same problem, cursor just disappeared yesterday though you can see various links highlighted as you move mouse across the screen.

  • Same problem. Mouse Pointer disappears only in Vivaldi, around 2 seconds after i stop the movement.

    Vivaldi 1.10.867.46, Win. 10 Pro x64, Flash, Lenovo P50, i7-6700HQ, Intel HD 530 + Nvidia Quadro M1000M (372.95), 32GB RAM.

    Update: I updated EVERYTHING. Windows, BIOS, all Lenovo+Intel+Nvidia hardware drivers, ... and now the problem disappeared :)!

    Update 2: Damn... the Problem still exists, only it needs time to emerge. A Vivaldi restart fixes it temporarily.

  • @CmdrFirewalker The setting can be found at vivaldi://settings/webpages/ under the advanced settings:

    I have re-enabled hardware acceleration but no longer experience the mouse cursor disappearing.

  • @tjcater thnx, this worked for me.
    though it sucks that this bug is still present in 2018


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