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  • every time I play a facebook game I get kicked out of full screen mode. This don't happen if I use chrome but does on vivaldi. Like too know how too correct this. I play battle pirates and i need too be in full screen in order too play game?????

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    Which game are you talking about? This one? If so, everything concerning the fullscreen mode seems to work fine here (Tested in Vivaldi 1.8.770.50, 32-bit on Windows 10 x64). If it's another game, you have to provide URL of that game in order to investigate the issue.

    Here are some of the most common techniques helpful in resolving these type of issues. You might have to update the Flash plugin before you begin:

    1. Force reload the page and all of its contents including scripts, styles and images (by default: press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [R] or [CTRL] + [F5]);
    2. Open the page in Private Window (by default: press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [N] to launch a new Private Window or select Menu > File > New Private Window). If the page works in Private Window, then go to step 4.
    3. Disable all extensions (if this resolves your issue, then try enabling them one by one to check which one is causing the trouble);
    4. Clear browsing data and restart the browser if necessary;
    5. Refresh your profile.

  • still doing it on kixeye.com also through Facebook. I do not know how too send u the url of battle pirates

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    @davec415 Just copy the URL from the address bar while you're playing the game on Facebook. By the way - did you try any of the solutions from my previous post?

  • @pafflick yes I cleared cache and browsing data. I checked the flash and it was up too date. I couldn't test it on a private window. for some reason didn't work.

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    That's the game I've linked in my first post above. As I said before - I'm able to play that game in full-screen mode on both Facebook and on their web page.

    Have you tried step 3 to disable all extensions? Or step 5 to temporarily use a clean profile?

  • @pafflick no cause i couldn't find where that was. I don't understand what a clean profille is either please explain both.

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    This is copied from @Ayespy's post:

    1. Open Vivaldi and access the Main Menu (the "V" button at the top left or the horizontal menu at top if you have elected to show the menu that way), going to Help/About.
    2. In the resulting window, you will see an item labeled "Profile Path." This tells you where your "Default" folder is. Default is the folder we will be working with. Note where it is.
    3. Close Vivaldi and go to the folder on your hard drive that contains your Default folder. Rename the Default folder. You may name it anything you like, even "Bernice."
    4. Re-open Vivaldi, and test whether the problem is fixed. You will notice that all of your settings and data have disappeared. Have no fear.
    5. If the problem is fixed, close Vivaldi again and go back to the folder that contains your old, renamed profile, plus your shiny brand new Default folder that Vivaldi made when you restarted it. Move critical data such as Bookmarks, Favicons, Login Data, etc. from Bernice to Default. You may even move the Top Sites file over, if you aren't keen to re-fetch all of your Speed Dial Thumbnails, etc., but old, over-sized Tops Sites files have sometimes been implicated in slow running and high resource usage. DO NOT restore your Extensions files and folders. They are frequently the cause of the original problem you had.
    6. Open Vivaldi and pick the settings and appearance you like. Re-install your extensions, one at a time, testing after each to ensure that a given extension doesn't break Vivaldi again. If it does, uninstall it and don't use it again. And there you are! A fresh, clean copy of Vivaldi, good as new, and working correctly.

  • @pafflick was working but could find the bookmarks and saved tabs. copied the whole file too default and it started doing same thing. I guess it's my ad blocker i'm running but i disabled it. refreshed and still doing it. Give me the list that i need too copy over so i have my bookmarks saved tabs when i open it again after doing it again

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    This is copied from the article Full Reset of Vivaldi:

    The following explains some key information stored under the Default folder:

    Bookmarks: This contains bookmarks and Speed Dials information.

    Notes: This contains notes information.

    Sessions: This contains saved tabs sessions.

    Login Data: This contains website passwords. Note: This file is encrypted and is only usable on the machine that created it.

    Preferences and Local App Settings\mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli: This contains Vivaldi settings and configurations.

    Web Data: This contains autofill data.

    Current Session: This contains data on open tabs.

    Top Sites: This contains thumbnails.

    History: This contains website history.

    Cookies: Website data.

    Extension Rules, Extension State, Extensions, Local Extension Settings, Local Storage, Managed Extension Storage, Extension Cookies and Secure Preferences: All extension preferences and extension data are stored here.

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    @davec415: The Bookmarks file in the Default folder is called...wait for it...Bookmarks. That is the one you will copy over. (It's not a folder. It's a file.)

    Any file with the word "tabs" or "session" in it will have info related to the tabs you were running. If you copy them over, you will get your current tab set and any sessions back, but you may also get back whatever is forcing the problem in Vivaldi - so just be careful.

  • @Ayespy no ad blocker installed. I opened bp forum was ok. I put in frostler.com/bp/ and amazon and amazon store card weather channel and huggys shipyard and it started closing off aka going too small screen. so what could it be????? I have deleted the tab Frostler.com/bp/. Do i need too clear history or just deleite it??

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    @davec415: If a page is screwing you up, it should be enough to simply not go to that page.


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