After making a post, I get an empty page.

  • After making a post, I get an empty page.
    Also, when I clicked on + when creating this topic, I was send to some overview page in stead of a screen where you can see what you posted. And nothing was posted. So I clicked 'back' and I had to move my taskbar to the side to see that I could enter text other than the topic title. I think this seems to be the same bug.
    BTW: I think the green arrow to publish a post is not intuitive at all. Surely, then you don't need a language... Nevertheless, I would appreciate words like 'cancel' and 'publish'.

  • @Opera12
    That form of screen, do you post from mobile device?

    Because, no arrow & preview before send on desktop version of page. Arrow suppose a submit button & preview showed side by side (which annoying for me).
    "X" was discard button on desktop version.

    Side note:
    To mimic mobile device view from desktop browsers. Just decrease your browser/page as much as possible. Vivaldi Forum will show all that arrow & preview on next page.

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    This forum does not work with oudated Opera 12.


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