Google extension to Vivaldi

  • I have an application that recognizes Google but not Vivaldi. It has installed an extension into Google Chrome. Can I install that extension into Vivaldi by dragging it? How do I find it in Google Chrome?

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    @jecar: Depends on the extension.

  • @jecar
    Try check your application site or their forum, probably they provide downloadable Chrome extension.
    Okay, that will be too long journey.

    For installing unpacked extension or you have extension_name.crx;
    Read here instead;

    Speaking about extension_name.crx, check your application installation folder or any folder related to that application. There's a change that extension file reside there. It will easier your life as it will just a matter drag&drop to vivaldi://extensions.

    Honestly, if not personal, just point what application we're talking about. We won't need to shoot in dark like this.
    Mentioned if it does personal, no one will ask anymore.

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