Vivaldi Feature Request

  • It would be great to have the same mouse gestures as Opera (original), like: - open link in background (DU): this is especially important when viewing search results; - open new tab (D); Another feature I miss is some way to clear caches. For instance, I noticed Vivaldi didn't refresh the favicon.ico of a page I modified, even after I clicked the refresh button several times; the only way out was to uninstall Vivaldi and install it again. The third more important feature I miss in Vivaldi is the capability to "pin" a tab; it's very useful, for instance, to keep some pages related to my all day job (email, intranet, portal, etc).

  • Yes, fully configurable mouse gestures the old opera had would be really nice, I'm missing quite a few of the ones I configured to myself. Everyone has different needs for different gestures. For example I have gestures for zoom 150% and zoom 100% which have become where important to me as the down+right closing.


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