iPod Touch problems

  • Starting today, my iPod Touch has been having problems. I now can no longer download apps anymore and I just get a message instead saying unable to download app along with apps refusing to install and pausing. Apps also take a long time to download as well. I feel like giving up at this point and I don't know what to do. What should and can I do?

  • I decided to erase my iPod Touch once again. Sick and tired of dealing with the messages that would consistently pop up on the device.

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    Well, I don't have too much experience with Apple products, so I probably can't help you, sorry... I just wanted to share some thoughts of mine. 😜

    First of all, I'm into Windows OS and Microsoft products - practically every device* I use is based on either Windows 10, Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows Mobile 6.5 (yes, I still use an old WM phone). 😁 I'm also using a Windows 10 tablet and two of the best things about it are that it's actually a usual Windows PC (but really compact and with a touch screen) and the other thing is of course that I can use Vivaldi on it. 🤗

    * I have Android installed on my TV and I absolutely hate everything about that OS. I've tried to use Android phones for some time but I didn't like them either. I didn't get my hands on any iPhone nor iPad yet. I've tried iMac's and MacBook's, but I couldn't find any reason to switch over to MacOS environment...

  • @pafflick

    It's alright. I will just have to get help somewhere else. 😛

  • @BradyBunchFan Or just wait - maybe another user also uses iPod Touch (not me though, sorry).

  • @TbGbe

    It's alright.

  • Done with my iPod Touch for good. Just simply waiting until I get a new one hopefully very soon.

  • Update: May be either next month or in June!

  • So, did you get a new one then. I have recently bought an iPod touch. Now reading to your post i need to know how long did it work really flawless. And did you not take help from Apple support?


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