Why has Flash player been affected by Vivaldi 1.8

  • Here we go again, a wonderful new version of vivialdi and what happens - flash player will not run, The last time it took me several days to get Flashplayer to work on vivaldi and I don't really want to have to go though that process again. Any ideas as to why this wonderful new version is causing this problem and is there an easy simple non technical flannel-filled way to get the flashplayer to work. I repeat I am no technopro and I like my life simple so one click or two not techiee code listing methods for me. Any ideas anyone?

  • @Joamie
    Flash still runs for me (and others) after upgrading to Vivaldi 1.8.

    Is your Flash plugin up to date? It is available from Adobe Website
    To update/install, start Vivaldi and then follow the steps (under Windows and Mac users) in

    If that does not solve your problem, can you describe what happens to make you think it will not run? If that is the result of a message from a website, could you provide the address (url) so others can check it themselves (be sure to say whether or not you have to login to the site first).

  • @TbGbe Thanks for the suggestion. I tried your idea and spent some frustrating hours trying to work out why flashplayer installer kept on asking me to close all browsers despite the fact that the only thing operational on screen was the installer, this did involve restarting and reinstalling but to no good effect, the same annoying message kept coming up . Eventually I discovered something called Chronium had been installed, no idea how as it appears to have appeared along with the Vivaldi 1.8 update. This was not active as far as I could see, there was nothing on screen, nothing on the taskbar and nothing in Task Manager but I uninstalled it, this took ages and then I restarted the laptop and just ran the installer. Flashplayer now works on most sites okay and the ones it don't I'm not bothered anyway but one the one site dailymotion.com keeps telling me to install Flashplayer if I want to watch, but I've reinstalled flashplayer so am still confused. Anyway apart from this one site which sends out this strange message I appear to be up to date. Again thanks for the suggestion.

  • @Joamie said in Why has Flash player been affected by Vivaldi 1.8:

    Flashplayer now works on most sites okay

    Hurray 😁

    but one the one site dailymotion.com keeps telling me to install Flashplayer if I want to watch

    Stupid browser sniffing!! If you want to use that site, install the extension User-Agent Switcher for Google Chrome

    When I set this identify Vivaldi as Firefox the site works (even though Firefox would use a different type of Flash Plugin).


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