[SOLVED] - Bug > Address bar not focused on New Private Windows

  • Since Vivaldi 1.8 for Linux, when you open a private window (File --> New Private Window or Ctrl+Shift+N), the address bar doesn't get focused, so you cannot type in a URL straightway. You must press F8 key or click on the address bar to get the cursor on it and start typing in. If you press Ctrl+N to open a new tab, the address bar does get the cursor correctly focused on it, so you can type in directly as expected.

    This issue only affects Vivalvi 1.8 for Linux. It didn't happen in Vivaldi 1.7.

    Surprisingly, Vivaldi 1.8 for Windows is not affected by this bug, at least, not on my laptop.

    Thank you!

  • @Musikolo
    I thought that issue already there since somewhere around 1.7, maybe below.
    On me, because I use Vivaldi Logo, first focus land on it. I just need to hit Tab key to move focus to address bar.

    Different if I use horizontal menu. Instead, most of time, I need to combo Mouse+Click the page then either Ctrl+L or F8. The last two keys won't work if I didn't do Mouse+Click first. This one other reason I don't like the current horizontal menu.

  • @dLeon yes, hitting the Tab key also works for me. I didn't realize the focus was on the V icon. I have to admit this is an unimportant thing, but many people would probably agree with me that it's nicer getting new private windows ready to type in. I think it should be really easy to fix too.

    Let's see if we can iron out this small bug in the next release.

    Thank you!

  • Apparently, this bug is solved in the next release:

    Looking forward to next release... šŸ•¶

    Thanks a lot Vivaldi team! šŸ˜‰

  • The issue is solved in 1.9.

    Thanks a lot team! šŸ˜‰


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