How do I change the bookmarks hotkey from ctrl-b to something else?

  • It's extremely irritating to be typing along, make something bold using ctrl-b, and suddenly the bookmarks page opens. I don't think that such a commonly used short-cut (ctrl-b) should be used for anything other than what its original purpose was. I've been using ctrl-b for decades -- since the late 80s, I believe -- and I can't retrain my fingers to stop now. I saw in another thread that there's a way to change the bookmarks shortcut to some other key combination, but it didn't say where to do that or how it was done.

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    Settings, Keyboard, Window, Bookmarks

  • @Pesala Thank you! That was quick and easy, once I knew where to look (and discovered that Settings are under Tools). Much appreciated!

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    @Ameliaat: Yes. Settings also appear when you click on the little gear at the bottom of the side panel, or if you hit alt+p.

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