How to make display order for wheel tab switching whith historic Ctrl-Tab at the same time

  • It's handy to switch tabs in history mode when press Ctrl-Tab. Same as Alt-Tab in Windows.
    But I'm personally used to switch tabs with wheel (RMB+Wheel) in display order. The problem is that Vivaldi hasn't settings to set different switching order types for Ctrl-Tab and Wheel. Although it always switches tabs in display order when you scroll the wheel while mouse cursor at the tabs panel. But you can't set this behavior for RMB+Scroll separately from Ctrl-Tab.

    Here is how to fix this.

    1. Found "bundle.js" file.
      For standalone installation mode the is "\Application\1.8.770.46\resources\vivaldi\bundle.js". Except with your installed version. In normal installation mode I dunno locations, might me it somewhere in "C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Vivaldi".

    2. Make backup of the file.

    3. Replace string


    with this string


    and string




  • Batch file to fix automatically.


    @echo off
    if not exist bundle.js (
    	echo bundle.js not found
    rem date
    set d=%date%
    set d=%d:.=_%
    set d=%d:/=_%
    set d=%d:-=_%
    rem time
    set t=%time%
    set t=%t:.=_%
    set t=%t::=_%
    set t=%t:,=_%
    rem make backup
    copy bundle.js bundle.js.%d%_%t%.bak


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