Bug: Crashing when used with Opera Next

  • Vivaldi seems to crash an awful lot, and unexpectedly, when also running Opera Next. Any shared components there?

  • I've run Vivaldi and two copies of Opera (one Stable and one Developer) at the same time - though then again this forum was the most taxing thing any of them were doing at the time.

    Vivaldi really doesn't share any components with Opera, though on the other hand they both share some external stuff such as Flash. I don't know whether running Opera and Chrome - both showing pages containing Flash content - could cause issues with both using Flash at the same time, but if so then Opera and Vivaldi would too. If Opera and Chrome would work with no issues, then Opera and Vivaldi (or Vivaldi and Chrome, or any other Chromium-based browsers) should also. Each browser comes with its own version of Chromium, probably not even the same version number … but they will share some external resources.

  • Moderator

    I run them together. It doesn't cause any crashes.


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