Bookmark search in quick commands window very slow (Mac)

  • Love Vivaldi's user interface, especially the beautiful keyboard shortcuts. However, there's one issue which stops me from using Vivaldi as my main browser, which is the slow performance of the Quick Commands window (Cmd + E) especially when dealing with bookmarks (I have a few hundred). My hardware is pretty good (2015 macbook air, 1.6GHz intel core i5, and 8G Ram), and bookmark search works okay for other browsers, so I can only assume this is a software issue. Is there any kind of fix for this, or is the only option to keep testing out future releases? Thanks.

  • @nickoo
    It's a known issue on all Vivaldi, Windows, Mac & Linux.

    Doesn't matter if we have latest powerful hardware.
    If our bookmarks start get 100+, Quick Command sorting will slow down.
    I have 1800+ bookmarks currently, it make Vivaldi restart.

    What seem effecting much is the total of start character. Someone make a benchmark about it. I saw if the total start to pass 200, then either Quick Command will slow, restart Vivaldi or just crash Vivaldi.

    • cat
    • Car
    • case

    That's 3 cC (case-insensitive)
    200+ of them = slow, restart or crash. Note, Vivaldi currently only take the 1st character to start sorting... luckily.
    Obviously won't help much as aA ~ zZ used a lot at least in English.

    As now, Quick Command only useful for Tabs list for me.


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