Hello from venezuela

  • This browser is new to me, but I liked it too much. Has excellent functions that have no other. I also like webmail. Thanks and greetings from venezuela (country that went to hell).

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    Hello... and Welcome Aboard. 😄

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    Hola. Our countries are bordered, to be precise, I am at south.

    (country that went to hell).

    For a while. Venezuela has the world's largest known oil reserves.


  • I have recent news from Venezuela.

    The country is in serious general crisis. Hordes of refugees are seeking refuge in Brazil, notably Venezuelans of indigenous origin. They are looking more closely at the state of Roraima, in northern Brazil, where they have received, as much as possible, the reception of government officials. There is not much difference from the Middle East war refugees on the planet. Less violence, mortality, but the situation can move towards this. I know this through a movement of fraternity, which has sought to join civil efforts and contribute to a more comprehensive, holistic direction, giving emphasis to indigenous consciousness.

    I wish and hope for a great uplift of the Venezuelan nation, which may pass from hell to Paradise.

  • Saludos desde mas al sur... bienvenido


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