Cannot edit bookmarks from sidebar after 1.8

  • The recent 1.8 is surely a welcome one, but i noticed i cannot edit my bookmarks from sidebar anymore like i could with right-click before update. I had to open bookmarks window in order to proceed to edit. That's somethin that needs to be solved soon because it's essential action for a browser.

    I use Vivaldi as primary browser now, so i expect devs to correct this fast enough. :ticket:

  • @Spyros78 Bookmarks can be edited in the pane at the bottom of the Bookmarks Panel.

    0_1490996826896_Bookmark Separator.png

  • @Pesala Yes i'm aware of that, but i keep this pane hidden and it was poping only when i was clickin "edit" on a bookmark, now that "edit" is gone and does not make it better for me surely.

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