Vivaldi doesn't play some audio files in the same page

  • Viv doesn't play the .WAV files of this site directly, in background, but instead when you click on the speakers icons on "Reading" and next ones columns it opens a page with a simplified player and then do the job.

    How can I play them directly as in this page here in (click on the blue speaker icon on the right of the word), without open another page? It would has to do with the format of the file? The former one I linked is .WAV and the latter is .MP3...

  • I tried first link with firefox, and it prompt me to download wav file, without playing it.
    Maybe it's site behaviour to download or stream in browser the file. Have you test with other browsers?

  • In Linux/Debian, Vivaldi & Chromium (I expect also Chrome) also open a page with player. Only Firefox asking for download for whatever reason.

    Judging from html code, the speaker button just link to real wave file to site sub folders.
    So, that's not a streaming player like in

  • @dLeon Yes, probably firefox hasn't a built-in player.
    In my pc it used the vlc media plugin which is NPAPI.

  • @Hadden89
    Could be.

    I rarely open Firefox anymore except for testing some things, since well... using Vivaldi.

  • @Hadden89 @dLeon Yeah, on Chrome and Edge it has the same behavior as Viv's, going to the other page and playing in a internal player. With FF, the prompt appears...

    On old Opera 12.17 it plays as I wish, directly, like the link in After all, old Opera has that file type associations thing. Regarding Viv, I wonder if there is some setting to make it play as I intended or if I should fill a feature request about this...

  • @CptGuapo
    Old browsers like Opera Old has more free access to external plugins (libraries). Almost all things will play/open on any old browsers that support external plugins (libraries).
    We can tweak what play/open with what in MIME (file type) associations like you mentioned.
    Although, that also eventually lead to security/privacy/stabiilty issues.

    Chromium/Chrome & Firefox already decides to kick out access to external things except Flash & Widevine (CDM EME). Java is still allowed for Firefox, but I don't think any normal people/user use Java plugin anymore.

    At least, Chrome advice plugin developers to use new Chromium/Chrome API to replace external plugins.
    I don't know if any plugins developers start to use that path though.

    I think, I ever pass extensions for Chrome or Firefox that said just play multimedia in browser. I don't test them as I don't give a thought about them. You could research them if you want.

  • @dLeon OK, then. I'll take a look around to see what I can get. Maybe get in touch with the site owner... Anyway, thanks for your comments.


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