[Feature Request] Launch wheel.

  • While in bed this morning i was using the browser only with my mouse. I had an idea that i think would benefit the browser greatly. When your mouse is anywhere in the browser, by holding left mouse and right mouse a wheel appears in the middle of the screen. Without configuration it just has all your most visited pages around the wheel and motioning towards one and letting go of left and right opens that page in a new tab. Also with the possibility of configuration you could hand pick what sites are in the launch wheel and where they are. Or maybe even the bottom half of the wheel is most visited and the top half of the wheel is hand configured sites you have put there yourself. something like this: http://puu.sh/fLJGp/ffc6f313f4.jpg where gesturing towards one selects it. I feel like this would be a great addition to an already fantastic browser. Thanks Jack


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