Page Search Issue

  • I just installed the new version of Vivaldi (1.8.770.50 (Stable channel) (64-bit), Revision a7960a843c0fff6e0faaaa8edc19df6a3bef2456, Mac OS X ), and noticed something a bit odd.

    Apparently, when I search for something on a page and copy a link -- or anything else, for that matter -- whatever I was searching for on the page gets replaced by what's now in memory.

    As an example, when I go to my YouTube home page, I normally search for the name of a given YouTuber, because he makes a lot of videos each day. Once I have the results of the search, I look for the oldest video, copy the link for the next video, then open the oldest video in another tab ... and when that first video is done, I paste in the address of the next video.

    The problem comes when I go back to the YouTube home page, only to find that my search results are no longer there, having been replaced by the address I had copied earlier.

    I looked through the Preferences, but I didn't see anything about this particular issue. I sure would like it to go away, though!


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