Sync'd "Other" Bookmarks from Chrome go in the Trash

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    Starting a new thread. When using Xmarks the "other bookmarks" go into the trash. I use Chrome a lot but want to use Vivaldi as well, but if Xmarks can't work, I have to keep using Chrome.

    I am not sure this is Xmark's fault either, I dont think there is an "Other" bookmark support.

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    @Rahabib: XMarks does not understand Vivaldi's file structure (which has no "Other" file - and so that's probably why they get trashed. Unless the XMarks developers care to study this, I know of no way to fix it.

    What you CAN do, since XMarks "gets" the whole Bookmarks Toolbar thing, is to move all bookmarks in the "imported from" browser to the Bookmarks Bar at least for the time you are importing, and then they will all show up as "imported" as expected.

  • Not sure if it used to work but this workaround isn't working for me at least now. It's the only thing holding me back on switching to Vivaldi full time on my desktop. I have all my bookmarks in "Bookmarks Bar" so nothing in "other bookmarks" or anywhere else. Hope to see this getting solved! 🙂


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